Caitlin Dechelle

MARTIAL ART STYLE: Karate & Taekwondo
AGE: 32
FAVORITE CENTURY PRODUCT: The Blue XXL Wavemaster and the Traditional Straight Sword

Caitlin Dechelle hitting bag
Caitlin Dechelle standing next to training bag

Our Story, Our Promise

Caitlin began her martial arts training at the age of 6 and was competing by the age of 8. She enjoyed the exhilaration of competition and went on to win 94 NASKA and World Titles, making her the most decorated female martial artist in the world. She retired the competition circuit at the age of 24 to pursue her dream of becoming a stunt woman and actress. Caitlin has become an award-winning stunt woman and is best known for her work in Wonder Woman, The Mandalorian, Hawkeye, Agents of Shield and many more. Caitlin is constantly travelling and adventuring, so be sure to follow her social channels to keep up with all the action!


Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer

Diamond Nationals Hall of Famer

Most Decorated Female Martial Artist in the World

Only Competitor to Ever be Dual Sponsored (XMA and Team Paul Mitchell)

2007 Black Belt Magazine Competitor of the Year

8x Diamond Ring Winner at the Diamond Nationals

18 ISKA World Champion Titles

94 NSAKA World Champion Titles 

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