Ghost Edition XXL Wavemaster

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Age: Adult
Bag Type: Freestanding
Bag Weight: Variable Weight
Height: > 55in.
Product Line: Wavemaster
Martial Arts Style: Karate, Taekwondo, and Multiple
Material: Vinyl

A good workout can be elusive. Disappearing the moment you look away at some other interest
in your schedule. Or your phone… It's almost surreal.
In this digital age, more seems to get done than ever before. With simply a tap on a tablet, orders can get placed; entire errands solved with a swipe. All of our empty time (what used to be for quiet contemplation) has become found time filled with music, podcasts, and audiobooks.
Attention is divided and life moves quickly. It can pass you by, even as you’re living it. People have always gotten lost in their schedules, their work, their errands, their friends and family, their hardships, their joys. And in a new digital wave, the new way of life, it has only become easier to cut one activity for another one that’s more efficient. More convenient. For many people, that's what kills their spirit.
But not you. You make it work. You make the time. The fighting spirit haunts you, and you want to keep it close. Right there in your home.

kicking xxl wavemaster


Innovators lead, and the rest fall in line. You move or get left behind chained to the past. Century has set the pace for martial arts equipment for decades, and with the freestanding bag it was no different. With our invention of the freestanding bag, we took another step forward. We move. After all, if you don't move, you won't notice your chains.


At the Forefront.

Right here in the heartland. We exceed any standard and press the boundaries of innovation and quality.

Numbers Don't Lie

Math is the language of the universe, and there’s no debating it. That’s what makes it so beautiful. The order of it. The truth of it. From Aristotle to now, it’s the bedrock of all philosophy and the father of modern science: things are either true or they’re not. You either get results, or you don’t.

And you just can’t argue with results.

That’s what we care about: Results. Good ones. The best. We accept nothing less. And we don’t just test, we invest in testing. Our commitment to quality control is so rigorous that our Quality Control (QC) will tenaciously QC themselves. When the rest of us are on holiday, they are running the numbers on the numbers. When they see the industry standard says a maximum of 10 ppm, then they knock it down to 5. By their account, to merely meet standards is to fail them. Their goal is to always exceed any standard, any goal. No exceptions.

And we don’t argue; they get results.

They keep everything in perfect order. They have absolute dominion over their universe, and it… is… beautiful. After all, the math is on their side.

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