Versys VS.Pro

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Age: All Ages
Bag Type: Freestanding
Bag Weight: Variable Weight
Height: > 65in.
Product Line: Versys
Martial Arts Style: Multiple
Material: Vinyl

***The base comes unfilled; customer must fill with sand***

Owning a VS.Pro means you’re dedicated. This freestanding training bag is not just some general piece of fitness equipment. It is a specialized tool. With a freestanding bag, you’ve no need to bolt and rivet your ceiling, or swing chain from support beams; the VS.Pro has that handled. But so does the Wavemaster--the actual, undeniable OG in freestanding bags. What sets the VS.Pro apart? Its ridiculous amount of versatility. Where the Wavemaster grants mobility and hanging bags develop power, the VS.Pro takes both and adds much more. The VS.Pro comes complete with a soft, heavy, yet durable base; no unnecessary noise will distract you while you kick, punch, and slam your way through a vigorous workout. The base has a simple connection to the bag via reinforced zipper, and each end holds a series of straps that allow for hand/foot holds for any number of additional uses beyond the standard training bag: from anchor points for sit-up drills to grips for pulldown knee strikes, the VS.Pro lives up to its use as a Fight Simulator. Even slam the bag and move in for ground-and-pound MMA drills. This beast of a bag is precision crafted to hold a uniform striking surface from top to bottom–keeping it from leaning over time after years of punishment. This allows the streamlined bag to boast a much larger striking surface, making it the biggest, baddest, final boss of a training bag. You’re ready to take it to the next level. Now you just need the right tool for the job. It’s time to get to work.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimally balanced weight distribution offering an ideal rebound for striking and takedowns
  • Top handles allowing for clinch work including knees and elbows
  • Larger striking surface than the VS.1 offering a larger target area
  • Weighted base to keep bag in place during vigorous strikes and takedowns
  • Requires no hanging fixtures, bag stands or permanent installation
  • Easy to Assemble, move and store after training
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