Obstacle Courses and Controlling Downtime

Young martial artist training on obstacle course

The easy path to bonus income

You can’t have everything. It’s frustrating, but true. It doesn’t take long to get over that fact, especially as a business owner—budgets only stretch so far.

So, investment is the question. Bang for buck.

Getting the handle on that can make or break a business. Equipment can be hard to choose, and the easiest beginning is figuring out exactly who you're buying for. If you’re reading this, then kids and young adults are not only commonplace at your school, but they're also your primary concern.

It is not just kids' entertainment; that includes parents. So, what is something you can outfit your school with that is going to be cost-effective and provide a huge range of benefits for your kids and their parents?

Introducing the Century Martial Arts Ninja Obstacle Course.

This array of vibrant colors seems like such a simple solution that it seems too good to be true. In some ways it practically is. An obstacle course is one of the most flexible tools at your disposal—its uses are essentially limited only by your imagination!

But instead of leaving it at stating its near infinite configurations and uses, let’s go over some of the incredible benefits of having an obstacle course. Some of which may surprise you! The last one, especially!


The Obstacle Course is so easy to use, it's mind-boggling how much you can get out of it for so little effort. When attached to carpet-bonded foam, the sections of the course can be moved and reused with ease. 

Different combinations can make different uses and different fun environments over and over. Day after day a new setup can be created by simply rearranging them. New fun challenges and activities are available every day. 

Fit the needs of your school with how you arrange them. Size, shape, difficulty can all be adjusted based on age range and skill level!

Healthy Alternatives!

As the digital age continues to dominate our lives, parents are looking for more and more healthy activities for their kids. Anything that gets them off the couch and a controller out of their hands. A multicolored obstacle course can provide an opportunity for children to stay active and engaged in physical activity. It can also help with improving balance, coordination, and overall fitness!

Team Building!

Bonding exercises are crucial for development. And they are even more important for friendship, camaraderie, and trust.

The earlier you start, the better. The Ninja Obstacle Course can be a great way to promote team building among students. It can help foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for students to work together to complete the course. It is easy to set up and the hours of group fun are limitless. 

Different Options!

Nothing increases revenue like flexibility and diverse options. From building agility and acrobatic techniques, as seen on American Ninja Warrior, the Obstacle Course is the ultimate option for flexible use.

Not only is a course setup good for coordination, fitness, and teamwork, but it is also good for after-school fun-filled time. Having a course available allows for one of the easiest and most fun methods of keeping kids busy and active. Parents can use your course to help with after school, summer programs, or even on date night!